Charging points survey Eindhoven

July 2019

The Netherlands is embracing the electric car. Last year, the number of electric cars in this small country doubled to a total of 45,000, whilst there are also over 90,000 plug-in hybrids. Together, these cars now make up 1,6% of the 8.8 million cars in The Netherlands. To power the electric vehicles, it is estimated that the country has over 30,000 public charging points.

With the number of charging points rapidly growing, there is a need for regulation. The 36 largest councils of The Netherlands have developed some general guidelines, allowing them to reserve car parking space for charging only and to place chargers in public space. Councils have the choice to either actively encourage and develope electric car transport themselves, facilitating the market by providing grants, providing local legislation only or to do nothing.

Eindhoven City council, The Netherlands’ fifth largest city with approximately 230,000 citizens, is developing its policy on this topic. Loendersloot is working on a new policy which states that it should be possible to charge electric cars within 300 metres from every urban dwelling.