Master plan Cycling Super Highway Utrecht-Amersfoort

February 2017

The advent of the E-bike, with its higher speed and less required effort by its rider, has lengthened the maximum commuter’s bike ride from 4.5 miles to approximately 13 miles. This brings new opportunities for commuter cycling routes, especially on busy corridors with regular rush hour traffic jams and crowded trains. In The Netherlands, the cities of Utrecht and Amersfoort are just 13 miles apart. Loendersloot worked on a master plan for a cycling super highway on this stretch.

The master plan survey initially focused on the existing route. For many countries, the current route is still a cyclist’s dream; a continuous cycle path parallel to a main road, with protection for cyclists at every junction. For The Netherlands though, this is cycling infrastructure ‘old style’. The great many traffic lights and its cumulative waiting at junctions can tally up to 15 minutes and traffic noise is paramount all the way. It is for these reasons Utrecht Province asked Loendersloot to research a different route, parallel to the existing railway between the cities.