FiRus Cycling Tourism St Petersburg – Finland

May 2019

Loendersloot has recently carried out a site survey within the FiRus project (Fi from the Dutch word “fietsen”, which means cycling) in the border region between the Finnish town Laapeenranta and the city of St. Petersburg. St Petersburg is only 200 kms away from Finland and the city of St Petersburg is investigating the potential and opportunities to develop cycling tourism in this beautiful region. 

An exciting cycle and sea voyage ‘round-trip’ could be created when utilising the St Petersburg-Helsinki ferry. Finland’s and Russia’s beautiful forests and lakes could make up a stunning holiday itinerary, with a cycling distance of approximately 500 kms. Of course, the city of St Petersburg would be the ultimate cultural destination of such a cycling holiday. When allowing 2-3 days for sightseeing the city’s cultural attractions, holiday makers could spend up to two weeks to complete the round-trip.